BIM coordinator

We help manage BIM projects. Throughout the project, we communicate and bring together the project team for a common goal. BIM model tasks, troubleshooting, model audit, technical support, and many other services.

BIM consulting

Why do the coordinates of the models not match? How to enter IFC parameters? How to properly and clearly prepare a design BIM model task? How to effectively communicate between team members and perform clash analysis? Answers to these and other questions.

BIM model audit

After creating a BIM model, we need to evaluate it, to check if it’s modeled correctly. Improperly exported or modeled BIM objects could cause communication problems or difficulties using them in the building life cycle.

BIM modeling

BIM model audit may reveal that your model has some flaws or inaccuracies. Or maybe instead of a traditional two-dimensional project, you need to develop a BIM model? We can help in all situations and develop an accurate BIM model.

BIM training

We train people to use REVIT ARCHITECTURE, STRUCTURE and Navisworks. These are the most popular tools for creating and managing BIM models. We also prepared an examination process to determine the level of knowledge of REVIT users.

BIM clashes

BIM models from different disciplines are combined into one general BIM model. This general model is thoroughly tested and various clashes are found. Using this process we avoid many intersections - for example between ventilation ducts and window frames or something similar.



Vilnius Concert and Sports Hall

BIM process coordination of Vilnius Concert and Sports Hall reconstruction project.

Lithuanian Post Logistics Center

Continuous coordination of the BIM process for the new logistics center of Lithuanian Post.

Dignitary Protection Department

BIM process coordination of the new Dignitary Protection Department building in Vilnius.

Lithuanian Police Department

Continuous coordination of the BIM process for the new Lithuanian Police Department building in Vilnius.


Marius Žygaitis

Certified BIM Coordinator / Revit and Navisworks Instructor / Architect

Rūta Norvilaitė-Žygaitienė

Certified BIM Coordinator / Revit and AutoCAD Instructor / Architect

+370 6186 8608